Small Box

3" x 5" x 22" is ideal for typical storage of jewelry, cash, and other small valuables.

    • $50/Month
    • $200/Half Year
    • $300/Year


Standard Box

5" x 5" x 22" is our standard box and most sought after. Perfect height for some larger mementos.

    • $80/Month
    • $300/Half Year
    • $470/Year


Small Wide Box

3" x 10" x 22" is a wider box providing extra space to fit items such as certificates and other documents without folding or crinkling.

    • $90/Month
    • $450/Half Year
    • $550/Year



10" x 10" x 22" is our largest box. Perfect size to fit for all your valuables                                     

    • $220/Month
    • $850/Half Year
    • $1300/Year


Standard Wide Box

5" x 10" x 22" is our standard wide box. Perfect for important documents and combination of different size valuables.

    • $125/Month
    • $500/Half Year
    • $750/Year


Special request - customized box

Need special size to fit for your special valuables? Don't hesitate to call us. We have a customized solution. 


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