Our Beliefs

We are a professional safety deposit box company that specialized in storing valuables with many years of field experience. We know exactly what gets people peace of mind when they are sleeping overnight. We also know that privacy is a person's right to keep personal information confidential. Therefore, we stand out to provide a service that does not only protect our client's assets but also is giving each individual right to left alone. We believe that everyone has the right to decide freely how to put their assets.


Canada Regal Vault

What makes CRV different from other organization?


Canada Regal Vault Bank  Home Safe
Open 7 Days a week x
24/7 camera monitoring of entrance, perimeter, vault x
Customized boxes sizes x x
Iris biometric identification access x x
Private room provide
100% operational focus on renting safe deposit boxes x x
No public access in the vault area x
Customers keep all keys
motion detector security x x
Class 2 steel vault x

Our Story

Because of the increasing rate of home thieves, it is evidently that storing valuables at home is NOT safe anymore. Canada Regal Vault formed and founded by few successful entrepreneurs in Vancouver with the passion of protecting our clients' assets and valuables.

safety deposit box company

Your protection is our top priority

The vault is placed in a high raised concrete structured building

The private facility that are not connected to the banking industry in any way

We only abroad employee with solid reputation and integrity

Canada Regal Vault Iris

Iris recognition

Iris recognition is an automatic biometric identification system which uses mathematical pattern recognition techniques on video images of one or both of an individual's eye irises, the complex patterns of which are distinctive, stable and can be seen from a distance.

Canada Regal Vault door

Vault structure

The vault is made of 80 ton structural steel bank vault. The door has dual-control combination lock, meaning it takes two people to open it. This lock is connected to a time lock that can be configured to avoid opening the combination lock until the pre-set number of hours has passed. This is still the "theftproof" locking device invented by Sargent in the late 19th century. Just a few companies worldwide make these locks.

Canada Regal Vault Door Bell

Entrance Technology

A doorbell with security camera. Unlike the bank where anyone can access into the vault. Canada Regal Vault makes sure that whoever enters into our facility is filtered, which means our operation team does not bring any risk inside our vault.

Technology explained